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allpersonality's Journal

All Personality
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to allpersonality. This is a rating community based 100% on your personality. If you can't take criticism, this isn't the place for you. We don't want drama so if you have any of it following you, please don't bother joining.

For applicants:
1- No drama
2- Put new in the subject line
3- Only comment on your post
4- Don't use rich text

For members:
1- No drama
2- Notify us if you're going on a hiatus
3- Promote

Coming soon.

10 points for being accepted
10 points for each promotion
10 points for each banner
10 points for participating in themes
10 points for each picture post

club_blonde prettything_xx
Contact _disconnecktie if interested in being sister communities.